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Got Fun? WE DO!

During this 40-minute puppy social, your puppy will be exposed to new and different puppies, people, sights, sounds, and surfaces under the supervision of a professional dog trainer. This is a great place for your puppy to build its confidence! You will be encouraged to work with your puppy, and our trainer will guide you and explain the canine behaviors and communication you're seeing. You will be able to take the skills you learn and apply them at home and in other situations outside of puppy socials.  

We offer 4 different levels of puppy socials: Level 1 - Small/Shy Pups (Super shy dogs, toy/mini breeds, and/or puppies under 10 pounds) and Beginner Pups (Puppies still gaining their confidence and less rambunctious puppies). Level 2 - Kinder Pups (Puppies too confident for Level 1 socials but not quite ready for Level 3). Level 3 - Teen Pups (Puppies with strong confidence and energy). Kinder and Teen Pups are by invite only.  Level 4 - Big and Brave Pups - (Pups high confidence and high energy). Levels 2-4 are invite only!


ALL FIRST-TIME puppies must attend a Level 1 or 2 Social -- no exceptions! 


  • Puppies should be under 18 weeks of age when they attend their first social. They may continue to come as long as they remain friendly and social. If your puppy is over 18 weeks, please email our team to discuss further
  • Pre-registration and proof of vaccination is required. Please register your puppy at www.petssocials.com/register and upload your puppy's vaccination records
  • One adult,18 years or older, must accompany each puppy
  • Bring a variety and ample amount of treats to reinforce your puppy’s learning
  • For safety, bring your puppy on a flat collar and leash (non-retractable). Any other management tool will need to be removed during play. No metal, slip, or spiked collars
Due to COVID-19, R.S.V.P. is required -- no walk-ins!
Pre-registration is required. 

Pre-registration and R.S.V.P. is required. Check the Socials page on our website for dates and times.

Pre-registration and R.S.V.P. for each session is required.  

 Register at: